Creative Writing Courses

Image by Edar from Pixabay

Paid subscribers to the Retreat West Substack get access to lots of great fiction writing courses.

The first course workshop went live on 14th July 2023. Workshops are posted every 2 weeks on a Friday.

You can join at any time and access the course content whenever suits you best.

The following courses will be available in the order they appear here:

  • Experiments in Flash - This 6-workshop course uses ideas from science and spirituality about the nature of reality and human existence to inspire new ways of thinking about our writing of flash fiction (and longer stories). Workshops will be posted every 2 weeks on a Friday.

  • The Mini Novel Course - A 6-workshop course to get you started with writing your novel. You’ll discover tools to plan and plot your novel, get to know your characters and the world they inhabit, and start writing some chapters.

  • The Micro Fiction Course - 8 workshops that are a mix of discussions, readings and prompts to get you writing stories up to 350 words.

  • The Five Elements of Fiction - The five elements at the heart of the Taoist philosophy are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This course uses the characteristics associated with each element to find new ways to inspire stories and create memorable narrators that have real depth.

  • Fantastic Flashing - 10 workshops featuring craft development discussions, readings and writing prompts to help you take your flash fiction writing to the next level.

Ongoing, I will write new courses and add them here. I’m really excited to develop a new community around the courses and I hope you’ll join me!

You can get all of this for just £8 a month or £80 for the year.

Or become a Founding Member for £160 and you can send me a story from each course for detailed developmental feedback to help you make it shine.

If you know of any other writers who will be interested in this, please do let them know!